I have to admit….

I’m pretty upset its about 7:30 pm and I’m talkin to I think i would consider my best friend online through yahoo messenger. He just told me that he might be moving back to Massachusetts with his dad. Now I’ll say that I’m not the most popular person in school nor do i think I will be. Although I don’t have very many friends I do choose them very carefully and he was one that passed that test pretty easily. We have come to know each other pretty well in the last year and a half and i told him that is just stinks to lose a friend like that. In a way I wish i could just say this aint happening but its a reality I cant fix. I’m between a rock and a hard spot, because i want him to see his dad again but i also don’t want to lose a great friends due to a long distance move. I have know idea what God has in store for me now. But whatever it may be I’ll get through it whether i like it or not.

love to all, nick

“Voice Recognition”

This is something we are workin on in school i figured id give you a little taste of what were doing in “Digital Communications”. Although it doesnt look very successful. And yes i posted this at school. 🙂

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love to all, nick

For those of you who don’t know what “Voice Recognition” is: This is a program that allows you to speak into the computer rather than type.  The computer types what you say.  It takes a while for the the program to learn to recognize your voice – this also depends on how good the program is.  So when you first start out, what you are saying most-times types out as jibber jabber.  That is what you see above.  It’s pretty cool once you get the kinks worked out.


Hey everybody im at school in 1st period. Im done with all of my work for now and im waitin for the bell to ring, I figured i would tell everybody how im doing. Well im doin ok i guess my next appointment is October 8th I think but, im not sure if i can wait that long because I feel horrible and i have a cold, usually when i get a cold it moves from my head to my chest causing me to go in the hospital again. Although i would like to wait because, Miranda turns 13 on the 28 of this month and i dont want to miss that because thats a pretty big monument and everything. So i guess i have to go because the bell is about too ring.

Love to everybody,Nick