I have to admit….

I’m pretty upset its about 7:30 pm and I’m talkin to I think i would consider my best friend online through yahoo messenger. He just told me that he might be moving back to Massachusetts with his dad. Now I’ll say that I’m not the most popular person in school nor do i think I will be. Although I don’t have very many friends I do choose them very carefully and he was one that passed that test pretty easily. We have come to know each other pretty well in the last year and a half and i told him that is just stinks to lose a friend like that. In a way I wish i could just say this aint happening but its a reality I cant fix. I’m between a rock and a hard spot, because i want him to see his dad again but i also don’t want to lose a great friends due to a long distance move. I have know idea what God has in store for me now. But whatever it may be I’ll get through it whether i like it or not.

love to all, nick


5 Responses to “I have to admit….”

  1. Michelle Marks Says:

    Nick, I am sorry your friend is moving. This happened to me when I was 8. She only moved to New Bern but it seemed like another country back then. Believe it or not, we are still friends today. We don’t talk much, she hasn’t gotten into the computer world yet and we are very busy with family. I did get to see her this summer, we spent the day with her, her girls (which Scott thinks are the hottest he’s ever seen) and her parents even came over while I was visiting. Everytime we get together we have a great time talking about old times and seeing how much our children have grown. We are always there for each other in times of crisis also. Good friends are hard to come by. Just try to keep in touch, who knows he may be a lifetime friend like Sandy is to me. If you ever go through New Bern stop at Paula’s Pizza (Roberto, her husband) runs the restaraunt. Great place to eat.

  2. Susan Sturgill Says:

    AWWWW……. I am so sorry that your friend is moving away. I know it is easy for me to say but you will make new friends, even though you are picky. God made you that way for a reason. He does not want you with the ‘wrong people’. Even though we stayed in the Rocky Mount area, we moved several times when I was young and I always had to change schools so I know what you are talking about!

    I will pray for you!

    Aunt Susan

  3. jamiebatts Says:

    nick, in this day and age with computers and phone, you can still have your friend. also, in a few years he could come back to college or work. keep your chin up. he might not even move so don’t worry about the things you have know control over.like you said God has a plan and he wouldn’t have made you two such good friends for nothing.

    my family moved around a lot when i was a kid so I know how sad it is to lose a friend to a move. i am sorry.

  4. MAMA Says:

    Sorry your friend is moving but you’re not losing him. He will still be able to call, e-mail, and text. So you both can keep in touch. Who knows, this may be God’s way of sending you new friends. When he gets new ones, he will share them with you. Keep the faith, God is with you,always. I love you Nicholas. Stay sweet.

  5. Janese Says:

    awwww…that’s so sad..
    I’ve lost lots of friends that same way, but it was usually cause we did the moving. Just remember that God knows what’s best for all of us and you might meet up with him later in life…You’ll make more friends…you are very smart to be choosy though, cause Adam learned that the hard way… loooooong story…we will be prayin that it all works out and God will give you peace about it….
    love you all

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