Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s off to Camp We Go….

The doctor just emailed me and told me that Nicholas is growing Staph in his culture – nothing else.  He is growing about 2 million organisms per ml of fluid.  The low end would be 10,000 and the high end would be 20 million, so he definitely thinks it needs to be treated.  There is cause for concern because Nicholas has needed IV antibiotics more than ever this year so we need to be agressive with his treatments. 

Since he is supposed to go to camp next week, the doctor is going to put him on an oral antibiotic.  He wants to see him the next week after we get back.  If there is no change, he will be placed on IV antibiotics.  Another cause for concern is being able to keep up with his breathing treatments and physical therapy while he is at camp.  This is very important to his lungs being able to clear.

So while this is good that he gets to go to camp, we are still not out of the storm.  Having said that – I am thanking God that he is not growing anything new.  The staph is enough of a problem for him.  We are working out a schedule now to try to keep him on track with his treatments while he is at Caswell.  He is really gong to need the support of everybody next week to stay on schedule.

I just want to say thank you to all of you for your thoughts, comments, and prayers.  They are what we really need right now.  Even in the craziness of the week, we have seen God at work.  Nicholas is not growing anything new, he is still going to be able to go to camp, and even though she is having difficulty, Miranda has no cast.  Things could be alot worse and we are thankful for what we have been given.

Good grief!  Now we have to pack… 😉