Monday, Sept 27th

Things have been going as well as can be expected over the past couple of weeks.  Nick has committed to increasing his exercise and he has REALLY help up his end of the bargain.  We bought him a new bike and helmet and he has been adding up the miles.  He’s hated the rain today.  I think it’s the first day he’s not ridden since he went to Chapel Hill.  We have always told him that sitting around doing nothing will make you feel worse and I think he finally believes us.   He feels better and his appetite has dramatically increased! I don’t know where in the world he puts all the food.

He was supposed to start homebound today, but he was having stomach issues.  I told him he ate too much food yesterday.  🙂  His teacher will come tomorrow.

Please continue to pray for him as he works on getting his treatment schedule fine tuned.  He still has issues with getting everything done.  Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers and as always…thanks for checking in.

One Response to “Monday, Sept 27th”

  1. Katey Says:

    Sending some prayers your way. Glad Nick is hanging in there. I know it’s tough and hard. I remember my senior year especially…really struggling to make it through the year, but always had determination and persistence and God got me through it.

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