Our Family

My name is Robin Griffin.  We live in North Carolina, in the United States.

I have been married to my soulmate, John for 19 years now.  robin-and-john.jpg Without him, and God’s grace, I would not be able to make it through the day.  He spoils me and I love him more than ever.  He is gentle, loving, caring, compassionate, and  GREAT father to our children.

We have been blessed with three wonderful children:

Brian, who is 25 years old,   was married on February 14th, 2007, so technically I have four children.  His wife’s name is Heather and they gave me the precious gift of my first granddaughter on October 10, 2008.     Her name is Kailey Marie! ;o)

Nicholas, who is 17,   is a senior this year, a HUGE Carolina fan, loves Nascar, playing Runescape on the computer, social studies, science, and loves to draw, he loves his nurses, too.

Miranda, who is 14,  is a sophomore in high school this year and a member of the Marching Cougar Color guard.  She loves to watch tv, sing, talk to her friends, playing the guitar, and is a sweet loving girl.  She is so excited about being an aunt to Kailey!

We have a black lab named Buddy, Buddy who is spoiled. He is about 18 years old, but if he sees a rabbit, he’s 5.

AND, last but not least, is Oscar Batts Griffin.  He is our cute little 4 year old Daschund and we LOVE him.  He is fast, he loves to play with his little squeeky toys, and he is very sneaky.  🙂  For real fun, he loves to chase the laser light.  Just look at him pose!  He is so photogenic!

This is our family.

5 Responses to “Our Family”

  1. cfjourney Says:

    just found your site – I recently began blogging anonymously – I’m 42 with CF – please take a look

  2. Joy Says:

    Love your daschund, Oscar Batts Griffin, I have one too, his name is Snoopy and will be 10 years old on Nov 7.. Snoopy will be a “Hot Dog” for Halloween, he was last year too, the kids that came to trick or treat enjoyed him. Joy(I work with your “crazy” Aunt Kim)

  3. Mrs. Brower Says:

    You have a beautiful family! I am so blessed to have your son in my class. He has made me smile when I just wanted to cry and he has no earthly idea when! He has and is so good for my spirit.

  4. Melody Radford Says:

    Love the Daschund, we have one too.. his name is Lucky he is 7 yrs. old. He is red. We also have a yellow lab named Merlin he is 4 yrs. old and we have a rat terrier named Patches and he is 6 yrs. old.

  5. Brenda Says:

    I am proud to be a part of your family. Looking forward to being a great grand mama too. God has been very good to us and to you. Have a great day, GRANDMAMA

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