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11 Responses to “Photo Gallery”

  1. Linda Ruffin Says:

    Nick. I see that I added a “t” to the word “enough” in my recent post… so please disregard the “t”. Thanks, Linda

  2. Linda Ruffin Says:

    Good Morning Nicholas…So glad you are improving…wish you had gotten the get well card I didn’t send…had good intentions but you know which road is paved with good intentions. Maybe when you get home this weekend I will get one to you but I think of often and pray for you everyday. God is good!! As far as In Deep discussion…I don’t have enought knowledge about science to even say a word about that subject however I believe what the Bible says and that God spoke us into existance and that’s all I have to say about that…If I find out a food item you especially like I may can get one fixed for you…I can help you gain lots of weight…just look at me!!! Breath good, think good thoughts, and know you are loved!!! Linda

  3. Linda Ruffin Says:

    Good afternoon…I am so excited that I have found this site thanks to Brent. Now I can find out how you are all by myself…This is my Get Well Wish for You, Nicholas…that they will continue to find ways to help you and make you confortable as you heal and grow. God has His hand upon your life and we can all draw strength from Him…We do not have to understand His Will, we just have to TRUST HIM ALWAYS. God is good and His Mercy is everlasting. Amen

  4. ebonie hill Says:

    hi nick..
    love the pics..but i am a duck fan 4 life…
    hope u get well soon..

  5. mary Says:

    great pics. LOVE the carolina blue. even if it is in black and white. miss ya in class!

  6. amanda Says:

    Hey nick!You’re pictures look nice.You look so much like nick jonas!Well I hope you get well soon.We need someone here at school to make us laugh!

  7. Granny Says:

    I had chance to share the pictures with my co-workers today during my lunch. Those that didn’t know,wanted know how old you were. You are so handsome and look just like your dad did in picture taken back in 1979. Except that he had NC State on I believe. Looking forward to getting my copies. Love to all. Granny

  8. MAMA Says:

    It looks like Nicholas is having the time of his life, ESPECIALLY WITH THE LADIES. Am so proud of you, Nicholas. You and your family have been through so much and God has been there every step of the way. Hang in there, He loves you and will never leave nor forsake you. I love you too.

  9. JB and Laura Says:

    Nicholas, Your pictures are awesome! You are quite a handsome young man. We don’t like the clothes because we’re NC State fans, but we’ll forgive you for being a tarheel. JB and Laura

  10. Kim Christenberry Says:


    Michael, Kim, Allison & Abby

  11. Steve Sturgill Says:

    the smile says a lot. i am very proud of you nicholas

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