Surviving the First Night

Yesterday was such a LONG day. John and I left the hospital about 4pm to go home. I had to go home to pack the house and John had to go home so he could go to work. Once we got home I started the painstaking task of packing up everybody. I had to pack myself up, Nicholas, and Miranda. Oscar went home with mama around 9pm and I finally got Miranda’s things to her around 10:00.

I was so worried that I would hit all those storms on the way back up here, but thank God I was spared everything except for a few sprinkles here and there. I finally got here around 12:15. Nicholas and one of the nurses came down to meet me at the car. They took all out things up to the room for me so I could go park the car. It was so sweet and helpful.

So we are up early after a tiny bit of sleep…still working out the kinks of the first few days. Can’t be here without some kinks you know. We are trying to remember they are the “norm” here and we just have to be patient.

They started Nick on his IV antibiotics last night. They just started him on the normal – Timentin and Ceftazadime, they already have him on the physical therapy schedule so he started that last night instead of today so that is definitely a plus. His oxygen level was pretty good last night so he hasn’t needed any additional oxygen – that is a good thing as well.

That’s all that’s going on here so far. When things change I will post extra, but I will try to post at least once a day.  They will check his progress with lung functions once a week, so they will repeat it again next Thursday.  Thanks to all for you thoughts and prayers. It looks as though we are here for the long haul.

We also have another prayer request;  Nicholas’ friend Monica, who has CF as well, is here in the hospital too.  She was admitted on Wednesday.  I think their lung functions are about the same now.  Please pray for her.  She can’t leave her room while she’s here, so that makes for a very long stay.