What’s Up With Nick

Nicholas has begun his SENIOR YEAR! I know…where does the time go? He has has a rough summer and a rough go getting started with school. It is so exhausting for him, but he is determined to go and stick it out. We are having a hard time getting into the swing of things AND keeping up with his treatments.

His lung function is not the best in the world. He is hovering around the low 40’s and his weight continues to be a struggle.  We began a new inhaled antibiotic a little over a month ago.  We did see his numbers go up, but only time will tell if it was a one time thing or if it will be a welcome trend for us. We are praying for the latter.

I have been a terrible blogger.  I have to blame part of that on Facebook. So many of our friends and family are facebookers now that I have let the blog go to the wayside. Now that we are back in school, and I have a classroom website, I will make an effort to get over here and post as well.

I promise, if nothing else, to post regularly when he is in the hospital. I wish I could say we would be doing the whole hospital thing less, but I don’t feel that will be the case. Only God knows the answer to that one.  We have many more friends now that we know on a personal level that are dealing with this disease as well.  We ask that when you say a prayer for Nick and our family, that you say a little prayer for them as well.

As always, thank you for your prayers and your support! (especially those of you who check the blog everyday to see that I have not posted. 🙂 )

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