Addicted to Driving?

HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!! I think I’m addicted to driving. Miranda and me have open house today at school and i told mama OOO i get to drive again!!!! I think mama thinks I’m crazy, but i don’t care. At least its a healthy addiction right? It could be worse things. Alot of peolpe say that the excitement of driving wears off after awhile I’ll belive it when i see it.

Street Legal

This mornin after Miranda’s doctor appointment, we went  to the highway patrol station to get my permit. So if you haven’t gotten the hint yet, i now am able to drive under supervision. Although Mama and Daddy think I’m gonna pull a Nascar move  in Temperance Hall, but I’m not that irresponsible… i think. I’m just kidding I’ll be good but if I’m on the road I’ll try to let you know. Even if I did wanna screw up i couldn’t cause i have Uncle Trey in the Rocky Mount Police Department and have Jeff Collins in the Highway Patrol that goes to my church and then i have a second or third cousin in the sheriffs department so i think I’m covered. Now that i have that all out im gonna say one last thing…. I GET TO DRIVE TO CHURCH TONIGHT WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!