“Voice Recognition”

This is something we are workin on in school i figured id give you a little taste of what were doing in “Digital Communications”. Although it doesnt look very successful. And yes i posted this at school. 🙂

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love to all, nick

For those of you who don’t know what “Voice Recognition” is: This is a program that allows you to speak into the computer rather than type.  The computer types what you say.  It takes a while for the the program to learn to recognize your voice – this also depends on how good the program is.  So when you first start out, what you are saying most-times types out as jibber jabber.  That is what you see above.  It’s pretty cool once you get the kinks worked out.


3 Responses to ““Voice Recognition””

  1. mary Says:

    that was a fun day in class! hope we do voice recognition again!

  2. Mrs. Brower Says:

    WOW! Nick thank you for inviting me to view your blog! I oh so enjoyed getting to know you…and YOU are a wonderful inspiring child. There is no way that you will fail this class….you are 1) to smart, 2) too cool to snooze and 3) always willing to help others. Your blessing comes from that! I watch you all the time and I appreciate you. Dont forget…I’m a teacher…I have eyes in the back of my head! 🙂

  3. Grandmama Says:

    I would definately fail that course. I have hard enough time understanding plain english. Hope you are having a good day. Don’t over eat, you are having home made spaghetti for supper. Luv u.

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