Watch Out for Secondary Drowning

I was so saddened and amazed to hear about the death of a 10 year old South Carolina boy yesterday due to secondary drowning.  With summer getting under way, I thought it was important to mention.  This is part of the story…

The 10-year-old swallowed water while swimming at a pool in Goose Creek, S.C.,
over the weekend.  He complained that he couldn’t breathe and was tired after
getting out of the pool. The boy drowned while taking a nap in his bed,
authorities said.  His death, the result of secondary drowning, was caused
by a biological change in the lungs after a near-drowning experience.  “
There is a condition called acute respiratory distress syndrome (secondary drowning)
where there can be inflammation of the lungs when you ingest a lot of water,”
WRAL’s Dr. Allen Mask said.  Mask said there are signs of secondary drowning
for which you can watch: difficulty breathing, extreme fatigue and a change in behavior.
If someone inhales a significant amount of water or is pulled out of the water coughing, that person should probably go to the emergency room to be checked out, Mask said. If left untreated, secondary drowning syndrome could be fatal. Secondary drowning can occur as late as 72 hours after someone initially ingests the water.

Please be extra careful with your kids around the pool this summer.  For more information on secondary drowning, click here for some links to check out.


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