Arrrr He Blows!

Today Nicholas goes down for a lung function test at 11:30.  His cough is getting worse – that is to be expected.  It tells us that the antibiotics are starting to work.  BUT it also means that he may not be able to do a good job blowing.  In the past, it has prevented him from finishing the test.  He couldn’t finish it last week for coughing and this week his coughing is worse.  But that is to be expected, so no one is concerned about it really.  They have to do one every week to monitor his progress. 

We had a good night, have a different nurse today, and we have been awake since 7:30 which is a miracle! :o)  One of Nicholas favorite physical therapists is being given a baby shower today so we are planning on going down stairs to get him a little baby gift, and he is going to try to take one of his exams today.  Other than that, we’re bored to death!  It was so bad yesterday, that we were IMing (instant messaging-kind of like text messaging, but on the computer) each other back and forth and we were in the same room.  That’s pretty bad…

I’ll post after his test (probably around noon).  Say a prayer…



One Response to “Arrrr He Blows!”

  1. jen Says:

    We’ll be praying extra hard at 11:30! We love you all!

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