Clinic Visit

Nicholas went to Chapel Hill today. I wish I could say that he got a good report. His weight was 108 (at 5′ 10 and 3/4″ that’s not too good) and his lung function has dropped to 38%. They got a sputum culture, but we’re going to have to wait until Monday to see what he’s growing.

He had a long talk with the doctor and they are going to put him on Homebound for a month. They also talked about long term homebound. Thank you all so much for the prayers you have already sent up. We seem to need them more and more these days. We will keep in touch..


This past week hasn’t been a great one for Nick. He hasn’t been feeling well and he has had a LOT of stomach issues.  He’s going to try to go back to school tomorrow.  He has to go back to Chapel Hill on Wednesday for a follow-up visit.  We have no idea what the numbers are going to show us.  I’m not sure I want to know.  John will be taking him so I can work.

Please pray for Nick as he continues to work on getting back into the swing of things – doing all of his treatments AND going to school.  One or the other is hard enough, but both of them together is a real problem for him.

Thanks for checking in…

What’s Up With Nick

Nicholas has begun his SENIOR YEAR! I know…where does the time go? He has has a rough summer and a rough go getting started with school. It is so exhausting for him, but he is determined to go and stick it out. We are having a hard time getting into the swing of things AND keeping up with his treatments.

His lung function is not the best in the world. He is hovering around the low 40’s and his weight continues to be a struggle.  We began a new inhaled antibiotic a little over a month ago.  We did see his numbers go up, but only time will tell if it was a one time thing or if it will be a welcome trend for us. We are praying for the latter.

I have been a terrible blogger.  I have to blame part of that on Facebook. So many of our friends and family are facebookers now that I have let the blog go to the wayside. Now that we are back in school, and I have a classroom website, I will make an effort to get over here and post as well.

I promise, if nothing else, to post regularly when he is in the hospital. I wish I could say we would be doing the whole hospital thing less, but I don’t feel that will be the case. Only God knows the answer to that one.  We have many more friends now that we know on a personal level that are dealing with this disease as well.  We ask that when you say a prayer for Nick and our family, that you say a little prayer for them as well.

As always, thank you for your prayers and your support! (especially those of you who check the blog everyday to see that I have not posted. 🙂 )

What’s Up With Nick

Nicholas has been going back to school since the beginning of the new semester.  Things have been going very well.  We have even been able to push is appointment back.  And believe it or not, he is going to be trying out for the Tennis Team!  This has been a dream for him for quite a while now and I believe he is going to be able to do it.  He is LOVING school.  He has all of his favorite subjects: Art, Strength and Conditioning (weightlifting and fitness), U. S. History, and Biology.  He is in absolute heaven I tell you.

He is continuing to use the new inhaled antibiotic every other month – I think this is one of the main, BIG differences in his life.  Aside from the fact that he has really matured and gotten more serious about his meds, his treatments, and his life in general, he FEELS GOOD!  His cough is almost completely at 0% – which we haven’t been able to say in a very long time, and he is able to do things he hasn’t been able to do in a few years now.  His stamina is growing and I think he is doing so much better over all.  He had been becoming short of breath at the thought of doing anything and now he is going, going, going…

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers guys.  They really mean the world to us and they are WORKING!  Keep up the good work and thanks for checking in.

What’s Up With Nick

I know it has been a long time since I have been on the blog. I have been trying to to get finished with school and keep our heads above water at the same time.  After 81/2 years of going to school, I finally graduated this past Sunday.  I am thanking God that it is over and that my family didn’t kill me during the process.

Nicholas has been doing about the same as usual.  He has not really been to school consistently since December.  He was home bound for a while, then he was in the hospital and now he is sporadically at home and school. 

It’s been very hard for him to go to school.  His stamina is just not where it should be.  Now that my student teaching is over, I have extended my leave of absence so that I can be home with him to help him stay on track with his meds and his treatments, and stay on track with his school work. 

I can’t promise that I will be back to blogging full-time, but I will definitely be better about it.  So you can definitely check back periodically to see What’s Up With Nick.


“Voice Recognition”

This is something we are workin on in school i figured id give you a little taste of what were doing in “Digital Communications”. Although it doesnt look very successful. And yes i posted this at school. 🙂

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love to all, nick

For those of you who don’t know what “Voice Recognition” is: This is a program that allows you to speak into the computer rather than type.  The computer types what you say.  It takes a while for the the program to learn to recognize your voice – this also depends on how good the program is.  So when you first start out, what you are saying most-times types out as jibber jabber.  That is what you see above.  It’s pretty cool once you get the kinks worked out.