OK…Final Word…

We are going home!!! See ya when we get into Edgecombe County!!! THANK YOU GOD!!! We thank you for your grace and blessings upon our family. It is going to be wonderful to have everyone in the same house again. Love you FB people!


2 Responses to “OK…Final Word…”

  1. Granny Says:

    The Women’s Fellowship sat on steps of WEBC and prayed for you one by one on Wednesday night,not long after that I was the first to hear it thunder,I truly believe that was an answer to a lot of prayers. We rejoice in fact that you are coming to Edgecombe county. See you soon,July 4th will be a blast. Ice Cream will be the best ever. If you can’t take the heat at 7PM,you can watch thru the glass sliding doors. LOVE YA!! GRANNY

  2. Tracy Says:

    Ohhhh what great news!
    We’re happy here also, we get out of here tomorrow, it’ll be great being home for the 4th.

    Have a safe trip home,

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