Our Visitor

We are SO EXCITED!!! We had a visitor at the hospital today.  Jason Michael Carroll came by to visit.  It was awesome.  He has been here since 11 am visiting the kids.  What a wonderful talented guy.  His wife took a picture, printed it out, and Jason signed it for him. Here is the picture I took.

He came to visit Nicholas last year during the North Carolina Children’s Promise Radiothon and we got to see him perform.    He has always been great to the kids here and we are thankful to know him.nicholas and Jason Michael Carroll


4 Responses to “Our Visitor”

  1. Brittany Says:

    Jason and his Wife Wendy are both 2 amazing people, they try to visit the kids at the hospital as much as they can somewhere around once a month almost. But every year Jason comes to the hospital to make one very special apperance where he plays a mini concert for the patients famiies and supporters of the NC Childrens Hospital. I have been a patient at the hospital since I was 13 months old and can remember Jason and Wendy coming since I was 14 yearsold and im almost 20 now they are both truley good hearted people who deserve all the blessings life has to offer.

  2. Robin Griffin Says:

    awww. I ‘m sorry. Yeah it is really great when people like that use their celebrity for something good and worthwhile. How is everything going? You and that pretty girl of yours still in the hospital? I’m praying for you guys.

  3. tracy Says:

    Oh wow, how exciting! We’ve never been so lucky to have a “special” visitor here. 😦

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