Sunday, June 28th

For the past couple of days, Nicholas has been feeling pretty yucky.  Between the periactin and the nasal washes, he has been having fun days.  Last night he had a REEALLY  bad nose bleed – so bad that they called the doctor on call. He was passing huge blood clots.  The doctor said that the nasal spray and he washes had obviously irritated an already inflamed nose so we needed to stop them for at least the morning to give his nose a chance to heal.  He also said that if it started bleeding again and/or if it was worse – such as running blood – to call him back.

About 30 minutes later, we were calling the  doctor back.  His nose started bleeding again and it was dripping/running bleeding and he was passing blood clots again.  We put ice and pressure on it and it finally clotted off and stopped.  The doctor says that it was just because of the irritation, to not blow it, and that he didn’t think it was anything to be alarmed by because it was able to clot and stop.

They stopped the nasal spray and the nasal wash and the ENT docs will be by tomorrow to look at his nose again.  I hope not with that camera thingy because that would be kind of crazy considering it would probably make his nose worse and it probably would bleed again.  The pulmonary doctors are completely holding the nasal washes and sprays and they told Nick that if he didn’t want to do them anymore he didn’t have to – so of course he is not doing them anymore.  Last night he said that it really burned him.

He had a bleed today too but it was because he forgot that he was supposed to avoid blowing his nose.  It only bled a little before it stopped.  So we are going to talk to the pulmonary and the ENT doctors tomorrow about his nose and his appetite – which is dropping off – to see where we go from here.  They are checking is blood sugars a little more closely today to see if they could be the cause of his feeling poorly.  They don’t think that is the case but they want to cover all their bases.  I am still not sure when we will come home.

John went home today and Miranda is with Shawn and Susie Webb.  Pray for my family as we are still spread to the corners of our area.  I pray that God will heal Nicholas so we can go home soon, that John will have peace at home and try to rest, and that Miranda will continue to be satisfied where ever she goes.  Thanks for the thoughts and prayers and thanks for checking in today.



4 Responses to “Sunday, June 28th”

  1. mikebatts Says:

    Hey bud. You were missed at the Howards’ last night. You wouldn’t believe the “Voice of the Matyrs”video and how it’s progressing. Brave teens in Christ. As are you. Hang in there, brother. You are forefront in my prayer life. Take care..

  2. Susan Sturgill Says:

    I am so sorry that Nick has been having a hard time! We love you guys and are praying for you.

    the Sturgill gang

  3. stop dreaming start action Says:

    nice to be here ,thanks for sharing, friend..have a nice day 🙂

  4. Susie Says:

    Sorry to hear Nick has had a bad couple of days. I hope things will get a little better now that he’s stopped the sprays. I’m sure that was’nt much fun to start off with but I’m glad he gave it a good try.
    We are having sooo much fun with Miranda. She is a hoot! She is such a sweet girl. Today we were talking about what yall were probley having to eat for lunch. Chicken-n-dumplin’s for Nick she said, and that Mama does’nt eat much when she up there but Daddy drinks up the Gatoraid. She and Shelby are off with the youth tonight after church. I’m sure they (at least one of them 😉 !!!) wish Nick was here hangin out with them.
    Tell Nicholas we hope he’s feeling better soon. Yall are in our prayers everyday. Try not to worry about Miranda, she is welcome to stay here as long as she can stand us.
    We love yall,

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