CT Scan Results

The doctors came in today and told us that Nicholas’ CT scan showed lots of disease in his nasal cavities.  Yeah I know that kind of freaked me out too when I heard it.  Dr. Dellan must have seen my face so she went quickly into explaining that this was typical for a person with cystic fibrosis.  The only thing is that there is so much, that they think this is what is causing his headaches.

He had some nasal polyps removed several years ago, but they can come back.  So they are going to contact the ENT Team (Ear, Nose, and Throat) to get them to review the scan so they can decide if they need to see him now or if they want to wait until Nicholas comes back for his follow up visit.  My hope is that they will choose to go ahead and see him now – that way if he needs to have nasal surgery, he can go ahead and have it done now instead of having to go home and come back.  I would love for him to be able to go home and enjoy the rest of his summer.

Everything else seems to be going well.  He felt a little sick to his stomach last night so they stopped his feeds for about an hour.  He started feeling better so he was able to get back on the feed pump.  His weight is up to 114 pounds now.  They have changed his weight check to once a week so we don’t get any reports except on Mondays.

So that’s what’s going on up here on the Hill.  I’ll will post more when we here more.  Thanks for all your prayers and thanks for checking in.



One Response to “CT Scan Results”

  1. mikebatts Says:

    Miss you guys, thanks for the updates.

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