Monday, June 22nd

Everything had been pretty much status quo up here.  The only thing that has given us concern is the headaches that Nicholas has been having.  He has them at home too but for some reason they have worsened since being here.  Plus, he is not allowed to take ibuprofen with one of the IV meds he is on so he is restricted to Tylenol.  Tylenol is not very effective on his headaches.  We have ruled out any of the medication that he has been taking, so the docs believe it may be his sinuses.  He has had nasal polyps removed in the past.

So now we are waiting for someone to come get him for a CT scan.  They are going to scan his sinuses to see if they can tell if anything is going on up there.  I know… I resisted the jokes about what they might see up there. 🙂

ANYWHO, when the results come in, I will post again to let you guys know what they found.

Thanks for checking in.



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