Thursday, June 18th

The doctors came in this morning very pleased over the progress Nicholas had in his lung function test yesterday. However, they want to make sure, as I do, that they get everything they possibly can this time. The plan is to continue on with IV antibiotics here at the hospital and recheck his lung function next week. We will go from there.

He also continues to have a great appetite. His weight is showing that. He was up to 113.8 pounds this morning! That is just awesome!

Miranda and mama are coming sometime this afternoon, so we are looking forward to that.

Pray for continued increase in weight and lung function. Also, we are having some issues with school so please be in prayer about that as well.

Thanks for checking in.


2 Responses to “Thursday, June 18th”

  1. Steve Sturgill Says:

    We love you guys and you are in our daily prayers. Get better soon, Nick!

  2. mikebatts Says:

    Sounds like good news. Carry on.
    Also, found out this a.m. at breakfast that Brandon has recently taken up tennis, and has played recently with Melvin Garrett. That’s our next doubles victim……

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