Room Information

OK…Nicholas’ weight and oxygen levels were down.  His lung function was also down to 46%.  So he has been admitted.

We are in room 5C06 and the phone number is 919-966-4335.  They are going to go ahead a start him on IV antibiotics tonight,  increase his physical therapy and breathing treatments.

I have to go home and pack some things and John has to go to work.  Please pray for our family as we are all split up again.  I will be posting here most everyday to let you guys know what is going on.

Love to all,



3 Responses to “Room Information”

  1. jen engelking Says:

    nicholas, praying for a short stay, and His healing touch.
    robin & john, praying for peace, strength, comfort, and rest that only He can give.
    love you all,
    jen & family

  2. Katey Ballard Says:

    Sorry Nick was admitted again. You are all in my prayers! I hope he bounces back quickly!

  3. Susan Sturgill Says:


    love yall.

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