Im in Deep… HELP!!!

Im puttin my faith, brain, and will power together to figure how science as far as the big bang theory and how prehistoric species could exist with humans in the biblical since of creationism and time. Although it will neve happen I just want to know more or if it could be possible. Let me know what you think.


4 Responses to “Im in Deep… HELP!!!”

  1. Roy Porter Says:

    Good morning Nick.
    As for your post, it’s a question that man has been working on for ever. But God knows the answer and in His timing He will reveal the truth. I believe that man and all creatures of the earth were all created in the time which the Bible discribes in Genesis chapter’s 1 and 2. The evidence of fossils and other data pre-dating the earth as millions of years is a mystery and will remain to most of us that way until we are ushered into eternity.
    On another note. I apologize to you for not contacting you while you have been in the hospital this time. No excuses. But I have been praying for you and thankful for your progress and hopeful you will come home soon. I want you to know how special you are to me and my family and how we thank God for the blessings He places upon your life every day.
    God bless you Nick.
    Pastor Roy

  2. Tammy Pierce Says:

    Maybe the giants had to be shrunk, Nicholas, not strunk!LOL

  3. Tammy Pierce Says:

    That’s a deep thought and a hard to answer one also! I’m guessing the bible does not give ever detail of time and many things went unrecorded. But as sure as the world exist, there is an answer. I guess that’s a question we can ask God one day. Have you ever thought, maybe the giants had to be strunk to fit on the art? There surely are little creatures running around that resemble prehistoric species. Glad to here you are doing better, and hope you are back home and well soon.

  4. mikebatts Says:

    You’ve left the shallow end of the pool, my friend. I don’t have an immediate answer, and there may not be one this side of heaven, but it will not deter me from searching-starting right now. Good question. I’ll get back with you….. for now I will say that it seems that as time goes on, science is catching up with the Bible, as far as discoveries. We’ll talk soon…

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