More Lung Function News

Well the doctor came in yesterday afternoon and told us that they were concerned about Nicholas’ lung function.  Unfortunately, it was most likely a false reading.

The machine they use for lung function testing has to be calibrated every day.  If there is a change in barometric pressure, it must be recalibrated.  Thursday everyone’s lung function results were WAY up.  There was a huge drop in barometric pressure and the machine was not recalibrated.

So… on Monday, everyone who was tested on Thursday will be retested and retested by a different person.  Most likely, there will be a drop in his lung function.  The doctor says that it will probably be halfway between the low 44% and the high 57%.  She also said that if it remained at the 57%, that she would most definitely take it.  She just wants to make sure that we are getting a true look at his progress so they will not cut his treatments too short.  She would rather be safe than sorry.  I agreed.

So Monday at 12:30 he will be going down for a repeat test.   We are praying that God worked a miracle on all these kids and that the results will remain the same.  Wouldn’t that just be wonderful?  I know it can happen.  I’m gong to pray for that.  Want to join in?  🙂



One Response to “More Lung Function News”

  1. Susan Sturgill Says:

    We will be praying!! We are planning on coming up there at the end of this cming up week. But maybe you will already be home!

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