What’s Up With Nick

Well there’s not really been alot going on lately.  Nicholas had a pretty good Thanksgiving holiday.  He has been having some issues of feeling poorly and some issues getting back into the swing of PE at school.  He was not able to go to school today.  He will try tomorrow.  We are going to Chapel Hill on Wednesday for a follow-up visit from being in the hospital.  It’s been 28 days already.  Time sure does fly by.

We are praying that his numbers will be about the same as they were when he was discharged.  I will post as soon as I know something Wednesday.  We have a REALLY early appointment, so it could be mid-morning when we know something.


6 Responses to “What’s Up With Nick”

  1. Aunt Stephanie Says:

    Good Luck tomorrow at the hill, ya’ll will be in my thoughts and prayers! luv you

  2. grandmama Says:

    They are going to go sky high. Trust me. That is an order. I will be lifting your name up high to God, whom is in charge. Will talk to you tomorrow evening. Loving you always.

  3. Sandy Howard Says:

    Can’t wait to hear that the numbers are up! Love you all!

  4. mikebatts Says:

    Wednesday will be a good day full of encouraging news for you guys by the grace of God. Will be praying!

  5. Susan Sturgill Says:

    Praying your numbers are still up!

    Love ya,
    Aunt Susan

  6. Tracy Says:

    Hope he has a great follow-up visit.
    I know I always dread those, heck I dread any visit to CF clinic … knowing everything depends on how those numbers are and you really have no way of knowing until you get there.
    Take care,

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