Going Home!!

No side effects from the new med!!  Nicholas has been de-accessed and has just gotten out of the shower.  As soon as I pack up a few last items and the computer, we will ready to go.  We are waiting for a cart to take everything down.  We should be home soon.

Today has been another day of good news that we are so thankful to God for days like these are great gifts.  We can’t wait to go home and be family under one roof.  Thank you everyone for the prayers, calls and the cards for Nicholas.  I think he got a card almost every day that he was here.  It was wonderful.

Love to all, Robin


4 Responses to “Going Home!!”

  1. Susan Sturgill Says:

    Today is Nov 5th! You know what that means……? It is somebody’s 16th birthday!! Happy birthday Nick!!

    Love ya!

  2. mikebatts Says:


    Happy Birthday, too!!!!!!!!!!

  3. amanda Says:

    Hey Nick its good to hear that you are doing good and that
    you are coming home. Maybe you will be coming back to school soon..

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