New Lung Function

So…the doctors were not too happy with the fact that Nicholas’ numbers were only up 2%.  They want him to do another lung function test tomorrow around 12:30.  AND, Nicholas’ cough is getting worse.  We usually see his cough get worse after we start the antibiotics and then we see it get less and less.  This time, we did see the cough get worse, and we did see it begin to get better and decline, unfortunately, it is beginning to get wetter and more frequent again.  We have not seen the doctor yet today.  It is clinic day for them downstairs so they are really busy.  They will probably be in sometime this afternoon.  This could mean a medication change or and/or a longer stay in the hospital – especially if his lung function doesn’t look good tomorrow.

We are praying for improved lung function and a decreased cough.  Maybe it’s just extra stuff coming up.  As soon as I know anything new, I will post again.

Thanks! Robin


3 Responses to “New Lung Function”

  1. Aunt Kim Says:

    I will be praying. We miss you guys.
    Aunt Kim

  2. Roy Says:

    I am praying that the lung funtion will be improved and that the cough is associated only with his need to get what remains in his lung up and out. Clear lungs, no cough and, all around improved health. That’s what I’m claiming on Nicks behalf.
    Love to all,

  3. Tracy Says:

    Hi, I’m a CFers mom also, my daughter is Molly, she’s 12 yrs old.
    I was just browsing blogs this morning and ran across your’s and wanted to say hi.
    Hope things get better with Nicholas, I’ll be thinking of y’all.

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