Today Nicholas went down for another lung function test.  It was up – 2% – but up to 61%.  So this is good.  This is what the doctors were looking for I think.  They are meeting on his case today so it’s possible we may hear more later.  We did speak to the doctor this morning and she said that it looked as though we were on schedule.  We should be fine to go home next Monday.  He is having stomach issues so they are tweaking some of his other medications so we are hoping he will get some relief soon.  His weight is up as well – 112.6 pounds. 

It has been a good news day.  We can’t wait to be able to get home and back to school.  Any normalcy will be greatly appreciated.  We know that God has a plan and He is all knowing so I am not worried.  I trust that He will lead us where we are meant to go.


3 Responses to “Updates”

  1. grandmama Says:

    So glad to hear things are looking up. I’m sure you all are ready to see home. Oscar is going to be so rotten you are not going to be able to handle him. I never thought I would get this close to a dog, but I have. I’ll have to borrow him once in a while to keep my sanity.ha.ha.
    Keep improving and I’ll see you Sunday. Don’t forget to let me know about the food and pies. Love you all. Miranda is doing fine. She misses you but is doing very well. We have bonded so much in these last two weeks. It’s going to b hard 2 let her go too.

  2. aunt stephanie Says:

    Thats great to hear! I can’t wait to see ya’ll when you get home…SOMEONE is going to be the BIG 16 next week…ahhh make me feel so old! I love you guys! Glad i got to see ya’ll for a little while on Saturday! 🙂

  3. Sandy Howard Says:

    Great job – we miss ya’ll at OBC!! Can’t wait to see you.

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