Early Treats for Halloween

Treats come in all shapes, forms, and sizes.  Well, today they came in BIG ones.  Some of the Carolina football players came by to visit with the children in the hospital.  They didn’t even ask us if we wanted them to come – they just said “send them down to Nick Griffin’s room!  It was such a treat!  One of the guys had made this HUGE play a few weeks ago and when I told him I knew that was him, he gave me this big ‘ole bear hug.  It just made my day.  These guys were just big, squishy teddy bears.

A special thanks goes out to the hospital recreation services, for coordinating visits like these, and to the football players themselves for giving their time to make the day of sick child. (and to an old grandma who is a HUGE fan as well) 🙂  Oh! and they all signed his favorite hat! 

A special thanks to #42 Robert Quin, #18 Jay Wooten, #9 Marvin Austin, #98 Darrius Massenburg, #75 Garrett Reynolds, #32 Ryan Houston, and last, but not least, #82 Todd Harrelson.  These guys were so nice and it seems like a treat for them as well.  We wish them the best of luck during their game tomorrow against Boston College.  GO HEELS!!!


5 Responses to “Early Treats for Halloween”

  1. grandmama Says:

    You need a magnifying glass to see Nick but he was still cool. I’ll bet he was having the time of his life. Way to go, Tar Heels. Love you.

  2. Janese Says:

    awwwww cool and they are wupin they tail today…Nick you must have inspired them..cause they are lettin em have it…
    GO TARHEELS !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Susan Sturgill Says:

    That is sooooooo cool! Cole said, “lucky dog”! Well Cole loves the Gators and the Heels so he would fit in with either one! ha-ha

  4. Robin Says:

    You know she’s a BIG Gators fan. The way I understand it, Monica gave them a hard time, but they just let her have at it. I think they thought it was pretty funny.

  5. mikebatts Says:

    Wow, how cool is that! I’m glad I wasn’t there, because I would have become a blathering idiot in the presence of these big ‘ol heels. Garrett Reynolds looks like a tall version of Michael Pittman! And look at big Marv’s 1000 kilowatt smile! I’m so glad they came to see you.
    What did Monica think when she saw REAL football players? Haha!

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