Role Reversal and Tarheel Football

Saturday, Nicholas had a real treat.  He and John were given tickets to the first UNC football game of the season.  Except for the rain that came later, it was a great day.  They had an awesome time.  (Michael thank you for the tickets and tell whomever gave them to us thank you too). 

This also gave Nicholas the chance to VISIT someone in the hospital while he was there.  His great friend, Monica, has cystic fibrosis and she is in the hospital now.  She battles with her lung function like Nicholas.  So they dropped by for some fun with her and the nurses. 

Here are some pics from the day…


7 Responses to “Role Reversal and Tarheel Football”

  1. Susan Sturgill Says:

    Great pictures Nick. I am glad you guys got to go but you left us before the game was over…. I guess the hour and half delay was too much for ya!

    love ya!

  2. mikebatts Says:

    Lots of brain in there to go along with the beauty!

  3. jamiebatts Says:

    gosh! could my forehead be any bigger?

  4. Francois Says:

    looks like a lot of fun. 🙂

  5. janese Says:

    I am sooooo jealous !! I’ve never been to a tarheel game before….. I am also very glad that you got to go……I hope you had lots of fun.
    Still prayin !!
    love you guys,

  6. mikebatts Says:

    You are very welcome! That was a crazy storm, too. Poor Molly was mortified, while Rachel wanted to play in it. Go figure.
    I am glad you got to see your friend, Nick. Maybe we can go again and sit together.

  7. jamiebatts Says:

    that picture nick got of us is a wierd angle. i still couldn’t find them.

    great pictures. should have got one of all those people piled up together under the shelter. that was crazywhen that storm came.

    of course nick would take a picture of the cheerleaders.funny!

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