What the Doc Said

The doctor has already come out to tell me what they saw.  He said that there had been some changes on the right side lungs since his last chest xray, which was a week ago, and that there was quite a bit of bronchitis in the upper and lower airways.  They removed ALOT of secretions (mucous) from his lungs while they were in there.  Unfortunately, we will not know a more difinitive answer until the cultures mature, which will be Thursday or Friday.  This still leaves camp iffy for him right now.  He also told me that Nicholas’ doctor was somewhat befuddled over his lung function and is hoping these cultures can shed some light on what is going on down there.

He did really well and they are moving him to post-op as we speak.  Hopefully, I will be able to go back there soon.  I will try to post then if I can.


One Response to “What the Doc Said”

  1. Granny Says:

    Glad it is over,hang in there. Nicholas will get to go to camp. Pray you both will be back on road to home by 2PM. Love you both,thanks so much for great posting job. You know how hard it is to be here and not there.Yet,you kept everybody updated. THANKS,GLORY be to GOD for being there w/Nicholas.

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