Time for Bronchoscopy

Chapel Hill just called and said that Nicholas’ bronchoscopy has been scheduled for 9:30 am tomorrow morning.  We have to be there and checked in by 8:30 am.  agh!  So we will be leaving here around 6:30 am.  The good news is, is that we will probably be out of there pretty early, provided everything goes well, and I’m sure it will. 

Of course he can’t have anything after midnight so pray for a cooperative stomach and for a smooth time during the procedure.  He has had this thing done so many times that he even knows what to tell the anesthesiologist to use to put him to sleep.  I think they said this was number 24.  I will take my laptop with me tomorrow so as soon as we talk to the doctor, I will post whatever he tells us.  We know we are in the hands of the Great Physician and are trusting in His care.

In His Grace, Robin


5 Responses to “Time for Bronchoscopy”

  1. bethsessoms Says:

    We will be praying as well. We love you.

  2. janese Says:

    We are praying that every thing goes well.
    love you guys,

  3. Aunt Stephanie Says:

    Praying for a good report tomorrow! Ya’ll be careful on the road! love ya’ll 🙂

  4. rnporter Says:

    Praying in unity with you that all will go well, you’ll get a good report and back home quickly.

  5. Susan Sturgill Says:

    praying for a good report!

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