More info on the Bronchoscopy

Yesterday was Nicholas’ doctor’s birthday.  We always send him an email.  He loves it, although he is always so humbled by it.  We love him.  It is easy to remember, because Nicholas was diagnosed on July 4th and we saw Dr. Retsch-Bogart for the first time on July 13th – his birthday!  I think that is a pretty cool story.

ANYWAY, I also asked him about when we would know more about Nicholas’ procedure.  He said,

“We usually know the schedule for the next day’s bronchoscopies by 3PM. This is determined by the anesthesia team. The pre-anesthesia care team starts making calls late afternoon to notify patients and families.”
So that is “the word.”  I will post as soon as I know something more.

3 Responses to “More info on the Bronchoscopy”

  1. Aunt Martha Says:

    We pray for traveling grace and a hopeful week at camp! You are forever in our thoughts and prayers! Stay strong.
    Uncle Watson & Aunt Martha

  2. Francois Says:

    thanks for the update. i’m praying with you.

  3. Susan Sturgill Says:

    thinking about you guys……………..

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