Email From the Doctor

We finally received an email from Nicholas’ doctor.  He is going to try to schedule a bronchoscopy for Nick on Tuesday, July 15th. 

A bronchoscopy means that Nicholas will be put to sleep and the doctor will go down into his lungs with a lighted camera to look around.  They will be looking for areas that are inflamed or show any other signs of infection.  They will also squirt in some normal saline and then suction it back out to test to see what organisms he is growing.  Over the last few months he has been growing staph and pseudomonas, but sometimes a patient cannot cough up some of the things that may be growing down deep in there.   Hidden bacteria can cause a decrease in lung function.  This is a way to make sure they haven’t missed anything.

Nicholas is not happy at the prospect of having to have this done and at the fact that we may not be able to go to camp.  Many things will determine whether or not we can go: what they find in the bronchoscopy, if he has to go on IV antibiotics, and if Miranda can have her cast removed, among other things.  He didn’t get to go last year because he was in the hospital, and he has been so excited about going to Caswell.  I told him that if we couldn’t go, maybe we could go somewhere else before school started back, but that isn’t the same and I know it isn’t, but what can I say?

We are praying that nothing new comes up in the cultures.  I know that everything happens for a reason, and everything is to glorify God, but this 15 year old is really having a hard time with that one.  Pray for peace for his heart.  Pray that he (and all of us) can accept whatever comes.   I’ll let you know what time the procedure is scheduled.

In His Grace, Robin


10 Responses to “Email From the Doctor”

  1. Susan Sturgill Says:

    I know that Nicholas and the whole family is looking forward to camp, I am praying there is not any bacteria hiding in there!

    We love ya!

  2. Judy and Doug Harrell Says:

    Hello Nicholas and Family
    We are praying for you; praying that your test will be good.
    We hope you get to go to camp. It will be a super treat for you; have fun at camp
    Your cousins
    Judy, Doug and Joanne

  3. Grandmama Says:

    Nicholas, you are an inspiration to us all. God moves in you so others can learn how great He is. He will be there with you during your test. I know everything is going to be ok. If you and Miranda are meant to go to camp, then God will do what ever He has to, to see that you do. Have faith and trust Him for whatever comes your way, good or bad. God Bless you grandson. I love you.

  4. janese Says:

    we will be praying for you Nick. I hope everything goes like you planned and you get to go.

    love you guys

  5. Granny Says:

    Nicholas ,I will have every prayer person at work and WEBC Mixed I adults praying that you will go camp /no new ugly anything will show up that requires IV/extra meds. You must do your part to get ready and talk to LORD. He is and always will be on your side. LOVE YOU!!

  6. Francois Says:

    Dear Robin & Nick,

    I pray that the doctors will find Nick’s lungs to be clean and healthy. I pray also that he will recover fast enough to be able to go to the camp.


  7. Brent Says:

    Praying for a good report. We have seen God’s hand move over so many . We pray his will to be done in this as well. Love all of you!
    In His Grip!!!

    The Wooten’s

  8. Sandy Howard Says:

    Nick, We are praying. I agree with you – THIS IS TOUGH. Please know that we are on your side and think of you daily. You are not the only one that wants you to be at camp – this will affect us all. WE WANT YOU THERE!! We are also praying for Miranda – God can work it all out, and there is no doubt about that.

  9. Roy Says:

    Praying for nothing less than the best possible report. We love you Nick and I’m believing God for you to do fine and recover quickly from this test. Mr. Porter

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