Clinic Update

The latest:  So we are eating lunch and then headed down to x-ray.  We have signed the consent for the bronchoscopy, but we won’t know when they are going to do it until his doctor comes back into town.  He has been in Europe for three weeks.  If we haven’t heard anything by Wednesday, we are supposed to call.  We should be home in a couple of hours or so.

Nick’s weight is up to 110.7 lbs, but his oxygen levels are 94% and his lung function is 53%; which is what is was when we were discharged.  We are waiting for the doctor to look at his last labs and his last chest x-ray.  And we are talking about scheduling a bronchoscopy to go in and look at his lungs – just to make sure we haven’t missed anything.  When the doctor comes back in and we know more, I will post again.



2 Responses to “Clinic Update”

  1. rnporter Says:

    Hey Nick, I hope that you’re feeling better today. What’s up for your fourth of July. Don’t eat to much and enjoy it. Keep working at your progress and I pray that God will give increase to your breathing and you will feel His loving power throughout your body. Love you in Christ. Pastor Roy

  2. Grandmama Says:

    Good on the weight, bad on the levels. I was hoping also that it would be better. Maybe things will improve soon. I love you Nicholas. Hang in there. Love you.

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