How God Prepares Us

Some of you may or may or know that my mama and daddy were foster parents when I was growing up.  We had many foster children (about 21 I think) over the years they were able to do it.  One of the children, our second to be exact, was a baby that was given up for adoption.  It was a girl and we named her Amie.  Mama got to name the newborns.  I always thought that was cool.  ANYWAY, babies usually stayed until their six week checkup and then they went on to their adoptive parents.  In this case, that didn’t happen.  Amie was sick.  She was sick all the time.  She cried all the time.  We took her to the doctor and they couldn’t tell us what was wrong.  Then they sent us to Duke.  It was there that they told us Amie had cystic fibrosis.  Back then the diagnosis was not good.  They told us that Amie would not live to be a year old (unbelievers) and we began all the treatments to make her as comfortable as possible, we accepted the fact that she would not be adopted, and we resigned ourselves to the fact that she would proably die in our care. 

We learned all about enzymes (back then it was a powder called viokase and you mixed it in baby food) that she had to take to digest her food, about chest pt where we had to beat on her to get all the mucous out, and all about breathing treatments.  Back then it was called a mist machine.  We, as a family, learned all about cystic fibrosis and how to treat it.

Amie was with us for almost 2 years when we got the call that there was a couple interested in adopting her.  We were filled with a mix of emotions.  Amie had become my sister.  We loved her and were caring for her with everything we were.  We didn’t want anyone taking her away.  BUT at the same time, we were thrilled to know that there was someone out there who was willing to see past all that ugliness of her disease and love her for the sweet child she was.  We got to meet the couple.  They were so nice.  They came to our house and talked to all of us.  We told them the hard truth of her daily routine, but to be quite honest, I don’t think any of that mattered once they saw her beautiful face.  They did adopt her and we have kept in touch all these years.  One of my favorite memories is spending time with them and their family during summers in Wilmington where they live.  On April 28th, 2008, Amie celebrated her 29th birthday.  Praise God!!  What a wonderful example of God’s greatness and power.

Knowing this child, going through all of this with her, affected our whole family.  We all became advocates for cystic fibrosis.  We participated in all kinds of fundraisers over the years for cf.  When I was grow up, I worked for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for about two years.  It helped to know about the disease.   Ultimately, knowing this child, growing up knowing her and her family, helped us to save Nicholas’ life.  Doctor’s argued with me when I suggested that cf was what he had, and it took us 6 months of moving from doctor to doctor to get someone to agree that he needed to be tested for it.  There aren’t many people that can look back over the years and see the path that God led them down to help them in their lives.  I know that things happen for a reason, and knowing Amie helped prepare me for my adult life and what I was going to go through with my own children.  I am so thankful for that.  God is an awesome, wonderful God.  He gave the precious gift of knowledge for the future.  I am so blessed to be able to look back and see why I went through all those things.

Saturday night, I got a phone call from my mama saying that Amie had been airlifted to Duke.  All I know at this moment, is that she is in ICU, in respiratory failure and she is on the respirator.  I am waiting on a call from Carolyn, her mom, and we (my mama and I) are going up to Duke tomorrow.  Amie’s dad, Phil, is not in good health and cannot make the trip, so Carolyn is there on her own.  Pleae pray for this family.  I don’t know if she is eligible for a lung transplant, if she is on the list, or what.  All I know is that my sister is in the hospital and the outlook is not good.  I cannot imagine what they are going through at this stage in Amie’s disease.  I hope it will be a long time to come.

If this experience has taught me anything, it has taught me that God has a plan for all of us.  That everything MOST DEFINITELY happens for a reason and we are blessed to be able to marvel in His greatness.


9 Responses to “How God Prepares Us”

  1. Granny Says:

    I will cetainly pray for her and I am very sorry that she is so ill. Yes,God has plan for all of us,not one that we would always choose,but it is always the right path;because GOD does the choosing.Yes,I do think that you shared some of this with me before,what a blessing it has been for Nicholas. Keep steadfast in your faith and pray daily no matter where you are or time may be,God is on call 24 hours a day. Please keep us posted,Robin.Love to all!

  2. janese Says:

    awwwwwww. That was sooo sweet, to talk about Amie. I remember her pics that Aunt Brenda kept on her refridgerater. I will put her on the prayer list. The way you look at situations inspires me.

    love to all

  3. Tammy Williams Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing that AWESOME testimony!! Our God is a Great and Mighty God who works in mysterious ways! I am sorry to hear about your sister and we will definitely add her to our prayers!…as well as her family and your family.

    You need to write a testimonial book about all that you have been through and how God has worked in your lives!

    I was thinking last night that we need to start a “Nicholas CF team” like Haley Palmer had “Haley’s Heroes”. This would be a neat way to create more awareness in our area about CF, a great team for fundraisers, and a support team for our buddy Nick,as well as your whole family. Be praying about it. I am. Also be thinking about a catchy name!! I know you and your creative self won’t have a problem with that! I know it is hard for me to commit to anything with my health issues, but I just feel led to do this and I believe that God will give me the strength! I am excited just thinking about it!!

    I sure hope everything goes okay with Nick and Miranda so you all can go to Caswell! I know that Caswell is a busy time, but I pray that your family will be renewed during that week—you guys have been through so much lately, and I pray that He will provide you with a somewhat relaxing week where you can unwind and rest in His love-no better place than Caswell to do that!

    Your family is special to us and we love you guys very much! Thanks for sharing Nicholas’ journey with us. I know that he, as well as your whole family, is touching so many lives through this blog. What did we do before the internet??!! It is awesome how God can use something so worldly to spread His love, and He is using you guys to do just that, as well as educate us about CF.

    Take care girl and I will see ya @ church!
    Love Ya!



  5. Grandmama Says:

    We will never forget the time we spent with our precious Amie. They weren’t all good ones but never a dull one. She has matured more than I could ever imagine. She is a fighter and will not give up unless The Good Lord tells her to. Carolyn (her mom) said even if God takes her home, she will have the memories of a life time cherish and keep in her heart. I will always call her my daughter and will pray that God will pull her through again or give her peace. Thanks for the sweet things you had to tell about your sister. I love you.

  6. Susan Sturgill Says:

    Jen said it but I will say it again…. “everything happens for a reason”….. I always knew that is why God trusted you wil Nicholas. He knew that you would know what to do and how to do it! You know, not everyone is that strong. I will be praying for Amie, her family, and all of you guys too! I know she has fought a hard fight.
    Keep the faith!
    “With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God.” Mark 10:27

  7. Tess Says:

    I hate that Amie is in the hospital struggling with her disease. Please keep us posted. I know now better than ever how sickness and disease can alter your life. I am thankful that you rely on the Lord. I will pause now to pray for Amie, her mom, you and your family.

  8. jen Says:

    What a precious circle God has woven for you. many people say, ” everything happens for a reason…” True. Things do not just happen. God is the reason. He’s in control. Often times we do not understand God’s plans but that’s ok. Our only concern should be that we know Who’s in charge. Do our friends and family members, neighbors or even strangers now that same truth? Thank you Robin for sharing your testimony. Amie will be covered with our prayers, as well as Nicholas and your entire family. Lean on Him. He is the Lord God Almighty. Christ will not break. He carried the sin of the world upon His shoulders. Let Him carry you.
    We love you!

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