Saturday/Sunday Update

Yesterday the doc came in and said that they wanted to send us home.  I told them I was uncomfortable with that.  He is still so congested, and his cough sounds horrible with the allergy flare up.  His lung function is right at 60%.  I told them I would rather keep him here two more days and repeat the lung function on Monday just to make sure that he is still going up and remaining stable.  I would rather stay here two more days just to make sure, than to go home and be back in three weeks.

He actually argued for about 30 minutes.  This doctor is not used to treating Nicholas, and I don’t like doctors that are condescending and treat me like I am stupid.  Needless to say, I won.  So Monday, they are repeating the lung function.  If everything is fine, and I’m sure it will be, we will probably go home.  Pray that the numbers are the same or higher so we can go home.  I am so ready to go home.  I will let you guys know what his numbers are as soon as I can.



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