Sunday Morning

It’s Sunday morning and Nicholas is sleeping in.  His feed pump died in the middle of the night so he didn’t get the majority of his feeds.  I imagine he will wake up hungry.  The morning crew has already been in and completed their rounds of proding and probing and pounding.  Of course he tolerantly slept right through it all.  I don’t know how he does it. 

I’m missing the fact that we are normally sitting in Sunday School at this moment.  Missing time with my friends, missing praise and worship…

I pray for an uneventful, yet productive day in Nicholas’ recovery.  He is getting stronger everyday thanks to God and His grace.  I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful, restful, peaceful day.  Don’t take today for granted.  It is a gift.  Marvel in it…



One Response to “Sunday Morning”

  1. Granny Says:

    GOD is so good,we all take things for granted until something goes wrong or we are out of our normal routine. Something as simple as coffeepot not working. Truly thankful to read/hear of the weight gain / increase of lung function and Nicholas eating more. Praying you will hear news of GOING HOME soon. . Have COOL you!!

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