The Visitor

Last night I woke up to this noise.  I knew it sounded familiar, but I hadn’t heard it in a while.  OH, I know what it was.  I forgot he was bringing the visitor along with him.  It was my husband’s snoring!  God knows I love him to death, but I very much dislike the snoring.  Snoring could have decided to stay home.  John came up right after work last night.  It was really good to see him.  There are most definitely things you miss when you are away and things you don’t.  That is one of them.  (I do love you, John)  He also had a treat.  He brought his world famous barbequed chicken.  It was awesome!  You haven’t tasted bbq’d chicken until you’ve tasted his.  Ask Jamie. :o)

At 2 am I woke up to also find Nicholas still awake and on the computer, so he was not happy to be told he had to wake up this morning.  I told him that was tough – it was his choice to stay up.  He has been having quite a bit of chest pain, which we normally associate with mucous plugs.  BUT because he has been having so much pain, they wanted to do a chest x-ray.  The docs said that there was no change from the last one – which is good news.  That is what we wanted to hear.  And he has gained another pound, which is great. 

Miranda spent the night with Brian and Heather last night.  Heather said that every time she made a noise Peanut barked because he wasn’t used to her being there.  (Peanut is their little chihuahua)  John will go home tonight because Miranda and some of the other youth are singing at for the graduate service tomorrow at church.  Miranda’s first time singing by herself and I am going to miss it.  Mama is going to video it for me.  She is really growing up.

So that is what is going on at the hill today.  Keep in touch…



5 Responses to “The Visitor”

  1. MAMA Says:

    Glad to hear things are going well. Tell Nicholas to keep up the good work. As for the snoring, I can’t help you there, your daddy does it too. Talk to you later. Love you all.

  2. nicksmom Says:

    fixed. you are too funny!! I think he was talking about himself.

  3. jamiebatts Says:

    i mean spouse and have. ha ha that is so funny. slouse. do you know how to fix that?

  4. jamiebatts Says:

    what is my husband talking about a snoring spouse? i don’t snore. i breath heavy. I have alot to say robin so i’m just going to call:o).

  5. mikebatts Says:

    I’m so glad that John came to see you guys. I can’t imagine the separation you folks go through on a regular basis. As for the snoring spouse, I wouldn’t know anything about that. 😉 I am so thankful to read that God is restoring Nick’s lung function. I pray that you guys will be as entertained and un-bored (I made that up) as possible in a hospital. I hope the a/c works well! Thanks again for letting us keep Oscar Griffin-Batts for a few days. It has been wonderful. He’s been on his best behavior.
    See you soon. And if you see Ty, ask him what he was thinking.

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