Wednesday Morning

I find myself awake in the dark this morning.  Nicholas is the typical sleeping teenager.  Everyone has been in and given him his morning breathing treatments, his chest pt, and took his vitals.  The doctor has been in and listened to his lungs…  He slept through it all – yes, even the beating from the pt.

Nothing much else is going on here.  Another family with a child with cf went home day before yesterday.  Their daughter, who is 16 has alot in common with Nicholas; cf, family situations, her brother’s name is Nicholas, interests, school stuff, etc.  The nurses hooked them up (traded myspace addressed) while she was here.  Her parents have always been in touch because they were here in the hospital when Nicholas was diagnosed and they were a great resource for us as parents.  It is great that he has someone his own age that is going through the same things as he is, that he can talk to.  He can talk to anybody, but you know unless you go through something personally, you can’t really know what it’s like.

We were also told yesterday that there is a 3 month old baby here that was diagnosed at birth and its parents are having a really hard time.  I just have them on my mind and it makes me remember how things were for us when Nick was diagnosed.  I am able to imagine what they are going through, even though people’s circumstances are different and the way they handle things are different.  My heart goes out to them and I pray for an ease to be given to their hearts through all of this.  I have told them I would be happy to to let her lean on my shoulder and ask me questions about anything they want to, so they may do that.  We’ll see..

That’s it for now.  Later…



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