Tuesday Update

The doc says that Nicholas’ x-ray looks okay.  He does not appear to have an obstruction, however that is not saying that he does or does not have any sludge build up. (yuck, I know, TMI)  Anyway they want us to think about putting him on Myralax every other day to help.

They still have not made a final decision about the antibiotic that he is taking, and his regular doctor didn’t even know they had completely stopped it, so they are definitely going to talk about what to start him back on. 

Mama and the crew came up to visit and are already on their way home.  Physical therapy came and took him for exercise and he is keeping up pretty well.  His cough is increasing, which is to be expected at this point.  That just means that betweent the meds and the pt, his mucous is breaking up and it is moving out.



4 Responses to “Tuesday Update”

  1. Granny Says:

    Grateful for outcome of the XRAY. Glad to hear PT is up and working for you. Sorry about the coughing at night. Hang in there,pray you will be back at Temperance Hall soon. Hope you and Robin have good day. Eat plenty of food today, I’m on very soft foods,due to unexpected tooth removal on my birthday. Gain weight and clear the lungs is my prayer for you along with coming home. Love always.

  2. Kim Christenberry Says:

    Thinking about you guys this morning. Hope you had a good night.

    My heart feels heavy for Tammy & Greg, and the whole family.

    Love You guys
    Aunt Kim

  3. Kim Christenberry Says:

    Love You Nicholas!!!!!

    We are praying for you! That you will be feeling better soon.

    Aunt Kim

  4. jamiebatts Says:

    i am glad to hear that he doesn’t have any blockages. my prayers are with you guys and I miss you. Robin, thanks for your help and patience with the blog.

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