Tuesday Morning

Well, last night the doc came in and told us that they are concerned about a drug that Nicholas is on because it is closely related to a drug that he is allergic to.  So they decided to stop it until they had a chance to talk to Nicholas’ regular doctor to see what he thinks about it.  They just don’t want him to have a delayed reaction and that CAN happen. 

They are going to get the abdominal x-ray today, finally.  Everything is kindof crazy because over the course of the last three days, we have had three different doctors.  The doctor we have today, will be here for the next couple of weeks straight. 

We had another pretty good night.  Nicholas is sleeping better than he has in a long time.  AND he is actually eating breakfast this morning – which he NEVER does because he gets formula through his feeding tube over night.  That in itself is amazing. 

So that is what’s going on up here.  My mama, my sister-in-law Corie, and Miranda are coming up today.  Miranda has a hard time when we are away from home and up here and they are having field day at school today, so I told her she can come visit with grandmama.  And she is going to be going to the athletic awards banquet tonight, so it is a Miranda day.  She deserves it.

Talk to ya later!


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