The Vest

A typical breathing treatment for cystic fibrosis, using a mask nebuliser and the ThAIRapy Vest For those of you that have never seen Nicholas’ vest.  This is what it looks like.  It is sort of like a life vest with adjustable shoudlers and straps across the chest to adjust as he grows.  The hoses (his are a manilla color) are connected to a compressor that, when it is turned on, fills the vest with air.  Then he has a button that he sits on that tells the comprssor he is ready.  When he sits on the button, the compressor lets the air out of the vest and refills it at a fast rate, causing it to vibrate.  You can adjust the speed so that it can go slower or faster.  This helps to break up the mucous in his lungs so we don’t have to beat on him.  While he is in the hospital, he doesn’t use the vest.  They do manual chest pt on him using their hands. 

Nicholas also has breathing treatments, but he doesn’t use the mask anymore.  He uses a mouthpiece. 


One Response to “The Vest”

  1. Granny Says:

    I’m on break ,just had time to read the Blog,Great picture of prettygirl getting her PT. How’s it going today? Glad the storm gone from last night. Lighting looked like a candle over your house last night out my window. Just heard last night that John /Kerri and kids will be coming on July3 for FIREWORKS on the 4th. Time goes so fast. Maybe I will be lucky; Brain and Heather will come,I can get picture of all grandchildren at one time. Have day of rest and weight gain. Love you both !!!

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